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Can You Make Ireland's Best Margarita?


02:00 25 Feb 2019

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Calling all bartenders! Jose Cuervo, the world's leading tequila, is on the hunt for Ireland's best margarita.

If you fancy mixing things up and creating a Cuervo Tradicional margarita with a twist, you can submit your entry here.

The most impressive margaritas will be invited to a live final in Dublin on the 14th May where finalists will compete to win the title of Ireland’s Best Margarita in front of a panel of expert judges.

The Criteria

By definition, a margarita is made by using tequila, sweetener and citrus but for this competition bartenders are encouraged to use their imagination when creating their innovative cocktails.

Using Cuervo Tradicional Silver, the criteria for judging includes inventiveness and quality in both the recipe and presentation, as well as a high level of technical skill.

Entrants are encouraged to keep sustainability in mind as well as the latest cocktail trends.

Each entry should be fun and full of passion showcasing the inspiration and story behind their take on the margarita.

The Prize

As well as being awarded the envied title of Cuervo’s Best Margarita in Ireland, the margarita champion will win an unforgettable trip to the home of Jose Cuervo in Tequila, Mexico.

During the trip, the winner will witness the production process of Jose Cuervo; from exploring the agave fields & learning how the tradition of the Jimador has been passed down generation to generation right through to distillation and maturation

They will step back in time and walk down into the private family cellar, the only place in the world where Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia is finished and will savour a dram straight from the barrel!

Oli Pergl, Tequila Educator for Jose Cuervo and head judge for the competition says; “The margarita owes its character to tequila, which is the spirit that captures the heart and soul of Mexico, including its traditions, its magic, and its history. Tequila infuses the margarita with fun and intensity and gives it an edge over other cocktails and spirits. Being a versatile cocktail, I look forward to seeing some unique recipes unfold during the competition”.

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Last Year's Winner

Last year, Andrew Ennis from Peruke & Periwig won over the judges with his imaginative twist on the classic cocktail.

Andrew was inspired by the terroirs of two unique ingredients; Cuervo tequila and Irish Orange Blossom honey.

The two ingredients combined perfectly together and with a note of sherry and citrus to add a salty complexity. This beautiful and balanced cocktail was served over hand-carved ice in an Irish clay mug.

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