Brendan's Big Fat Quiz Of The...


Brendan's Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2022

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

01:21 21 Dec 2022

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How well do you remember this year?

If you're anything like us, not very well!

Brendan put on his quiz master hat  on this morning and put Dublin to the test to see how well they remember 2022.

If you missed Brendan's Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2022 on air this morning, fear not - there's still time take part!

We've got you covered with the questions below (scroll down further for the answers).

Grab some friends and family, grab a pen and paper and get ready to play! 🎄


1. Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill was number one in Ireland for seven weeks this year, thanks to Stranger Things – but how many years ago was the song first released?

2. What vegetable live-streamed online lasted longer than Liz Truss as Prime Minister?

3. Who was the female musical act in February’s Superbowl Halftime Show?

4. Who was Harry Styles accused of spitting on at the Venice Film Festival?

5. In February, we found out Tayto Park is changing its name. What is its new name?

6. Dublin lost out to who in the All-Ireland semi-finals in July?

7. Beyonce’s Renaissance was praised for some incredible transitions – what song leads into Break My Soul?

8. WordLe took the Internet by storm this year. How many chances do players get to guess each 5 letter word?

9. Adele was shocked to see what famous singer in the front row at one of her Vegas shows in November?

10. Kenneth Brannagh’s semi-autobiographical movie Belfast was released in January. What song does Jamie Dornan perform in it?


11. Elon Musk was royally ripped off when he bought Twitter this year. How much did he pay for it?

12. We were glued to the Wagatha Christie trial. A lost phone full of potential evidence was said to be where?

13. The highest temperature ever was recorded in Phoenix Park in July. What was it?

14. Joe Lycett called out David Beckham for doing a deal with Qatar. How much money did he pretend to shred as part of his stunt?

15. Name the famous rapper who did an impression of a Northern Irish accent on James Corden’s Late Late Show this year.

16. Matt Damon famously carried a SuperValu bag to a swim in Dublin. Harry Styles followed in his footsteps this summer. What shop was his carrier bag from?

17. Bibi, John Paul and Becka were characters in what hit TV show this year?

18. What shocking situation did Liam Payne talk about where he described it as “trying to take the beauty rather than the pain” from it?

19. The Ireland Women’s Football team beat Georgia in a stunning game in June. What was the score?

20. The fantastic Derry Girls came to an end in 2022. Who popped up in a surprise cameo at the end of the last episode?



1. 37
2. Lettuce
3. Mary J. Blige
4. Chris Pine
5. Emerald Park
6. Kerry
7. Energy
8. 6
9. Shania Twain
10. Everlasting Love


11. $44BN
12.Bottom of the North Sea
13. 33 Degrees
14. £10,000
15. Nicki Minaj
16. Tower Records
17. Bad Sisters
18. Chris Rock, Will Smith Oscar slap
19. (9-0)
20. Chelsea Clinton

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