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Brendan Investigates: How To Make Perfume At Dublin's Parfumarija

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:24 19 Jan 2023

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Brendan has a nose for a story AND for scents.

Ever wondered how perfume is created? It's actually as glam as you might expect!

Brendan considers himself a bit of a scent connoisseur, and he was curious as to how one would go about creating their signature scenet. He decided to send him down to 'Parfumarija' in Drury Street to find out more.

Marija, a Macedonian native who is the founder and creator of Parfumarija, prides herself in finding the world's most luxurious and exclusive scents. So she was really the best person to show Brendan how scents are really created.

What notes do you think Brendan used to create his signature scent? Have a listen below to hear how he got on:

And check out the 98FM Instagram for a video of Brendan's experience at Parfumarija!

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