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Ben & Jerry's Peace Pops Coming To Ireland Next Month


12:41 6 Jan 2021

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Peace Pops

Ben & Jerry's is launching ice-cream on a stick!

Cookie Dough-flavoured Peach Pops will be available in Ireland from 1st February.

Peace Pops: Ben & Jerry's launching ice pops in Ireland next month |

The new product celebrates the brand's 30th birthday with a throwback to their 1988 American peace initiative.

A spokesperson for the brand said, "We know people love our cookie dough like their own family or pets. So we reimagined it so they never need to leave home without it. Now they can walk their puppy AND enjoy Ben & Jerry’s. Give me a heck yeah."

Ben & Jerrys Peace Pop Ice Cream Bars, Vanilla | Frozen Foods | Clements'

The original Peace Pops of the '80s

One Peace Pop costs €2.95 and a pack of three is €5.25.

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