Bed In A Shed, In A Living Roo...


Bed In A Shed, In A Living Room


09:56 3 Sep 2015

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It's tough to find a room to rent at the best of times, but it doesn't help when what you're being offered for your money is just down right ridiculous. 

This 'bedroom' was advertised on and an unsuspecting 22-year-old Joe Peduzzi went to have a look at it.

He responded to this advertisement for a room for rent for £480 per month. 

Seems legit and quite nice. Good location and reasonable enough rent. It does say 'the room comes with a sofa which means sharing with the rest of us sometimes'. Bit annoying but still worth a look, or so he thought.

At first when you see the picture you think 'that's a nice living room', but if you look at the picture again, you'll notice the white shed in the back of it. THAT is the 'bedroom' for rent. It's basically a shack with a mattress.

Are they having a laugh?

Needless to say Joe did not take the room and is still on the look out for somewhere to live. The advert has also since been taken down. 


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