An “Immersive Willy Wonka Expe...


An “Immersive Willy Wonka Experience” In Glasgow Is Going Viral For Being An Absolute Disaster


10:02 29 Feb 2024

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“It looks like a meth lab”

An “immersive Willy Wonka experience” in Glasgow is going viral for being an absolute disaster, leaving kids in tears and parents in outrage.

The event was advertised an “immersive experience” that promised to transport Willy Wonka fans to a land of “pure imagination”.

Turns out pure imagination was what the ticket holders to this event needed because what they got was nothing like the films!

As reported by The Guardian, people showed up to the experience to find “a sparsely decorated warehouse with a scattering of plastic props, a small bouncy castle and some backdrops pinned against the walls.”
Scotland police were even called to the scene, and the event was shut down.

Outraged parents are calling for event organizers to be reprimanded for a serious breach of false advertising, as it’s emerged that they used AI to generate high quality images of a fantastical chocolate factory that simply did not exist.

We don’t know how the event organisers thought they were going to pull off that one - what a grift!

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