Aldi's 6 Litre Bottles Of Pros...


Aldi's 6 Litre Bottles Of Prosecco Are Back

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

03:54 13 Nov 2018

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The Holy grail of Prosecco

Aldi's here to ensure our glass is always full with their new six litre bottle of prosecco.

The huge bottle of bubbles is officially known as a Methuselah.

The Methuselah will hit stores and be online from tomorrow (Wednesday 14th November).

 The 6 litre Methuselah can fill up to 64 glasses, meaning it is the perfect addition to any Christmas party... or Friday night!

The supermarket's giant prosecco is the equivalent of eight standard bottles and will come with a £79.99 price tag.

This works out at around £10 a bottle, so it's not the cheapest booze on the market.

aldi prosecco 6 litre Ireland


Unfortunately, You can only buy this bottle in the UK so we'll have to make a trip over to our mates to get our hands on one!

We'll just have to settle for the normal size bottle for now!



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