A Bride In America Goes Viral...


A Bride In America Goes Viral For Making Her Wedding Guests Stick To Strict Colour Scheme


01:12 22 Apr 2024

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A woman in America is getting some flack on the internet for asking her wedding guests to stick to a specific dress code.

Betti Adams, who's getting married later this year, shared a TikTok of her preparing the invitations for her big event, which include giving the guests instructions on how to dress.

In the video, Betti's future husband can be seen physically painting 4 neutral colours onto the invitation, and the caption reads: “POV: Not one single printer could print your wedding colors accurate enough, so your fiancé paints the colors on every single invite."

From what is shown in the clip, the couple are asking their wedding guests to dress in one of 4 colours so they match the overall theme of the wedding.

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With 2 million views and counting, the video has left the internet divided. Some commenters are calling the bride "controlling" whereas others deem the colour code as "helpful".

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