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98FM's What's The Question Is Back!

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

12:30 14 Jun 2023

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What is The Question' is back again!

The competition that drives Dublin crazy is back! You could win a 7 night stay for 2 B&B at the 4 -star Seaside Sandy Beach in Gran Canaria! Pack your bags, leave it all behind and let Sunway take care of everything.

The answer is 'Two'....what's the question?

Guesses already made below.

You can book in confidence with one of Ireland’s most trusted holiday companies. More at

Wrong guesses already made:

  • How many years since you've last played the game
  • How many people win the holiday?
  • What's the only even prime number?
  • How many red and white chimneys are there in Poolbeg?
  • How many items make a pair?
  • How many female presidents have Ireland had?
  • If three is a crowd, what's company?
  • How many digits are in the 98fm title?
  • How many children does Simon Harris have
  • How many different towns do Rush & Lusk make?
  • How many decades have Ant & Dec been doing Saturday Night Takeaway?
  • How many times do the clocks change each year?
  • What District of Dublin is Dublin Castle?
  • How many terminals are in Dublin Airport?
  • How many Luas lines are there?
  • How many pilots are on board a plane?
  • How many flights depart from Dublin to Gran Canaria direct per day?
  • How many sides of Dublin are there?
  • How many Taoiseachs has Ireland had in this Dáil period?
  • How many magpies do we need to see for a bit of joy?
  • What Dublin postcode are the 98FM studios in?
  • How many female President's has Ireland had so far?
  • How many eyes does a human have?
  • How man ugly sisters are in Cinderella?
  • How many wings does a plane have?
  • How many times has Gareth Brooks headlined Croke Park?
  • How many times has there been a number as an answer on What's The Question?
  • How many people is the holiday for?
  • How many hippos are there at Dublin Zoo?
  • How many vowels are in the word 'Dublin'?
  • In which Dublin postal district is the Molly Malone statue?
  • How many times has Molly Malone been moved?
  • How many referee changing rooms are there in Croke Park?
  • How many major football stadiums are there in Dublin?
  • What is the maximum amount of terms that a President in Ireland can serve?
  • In what Dublin postcode was U2's music video for The Sweetest Thing made?
  • How many colours are in the Dublin flag?
  • How many convention centres are there in Dublin?
  • How many people present 98FM's Big Breakfast?
  • How many islands are beside howth Dublin.
  • How many canals are there in Dublin?
  • How many Georgian squares are there in Dublin 2?
  • How many syllables are I the word Dublin?
  • How many Luke Kelly statues are in Dublin?
  • How many ports are there in Dublin?
  • How many performers are in the band Jedward?
  • How many digits are in the landline prefix for Dublin?
  • How many postcodes in Dublin have a 0 in it?
  • What is the postcode for Dublin’s passport office?
  • How many times did Jedward enter Eurovision?
  • What terminal does Aer Lingus fly out of in Dublin Airport?
  • How many main train stations does Dublin have?
  • How many times has the Cleary’s clockface been refurbished?
  • How many numbers are in 98FM?
  • How many colours are on the Poolbeg towers?
  • How many canals run through Dublin?
  • What is the number of the Dublin to Wexford Expressway bus?
  • How many DART stations have the word Howth in them?
  • How many cities does the new portal link?
  • What postcode is St Stephens Green in?
  • How many European football finals have the Aviva Stadium held?
  • How many living members of the Dubliners are there left?
  • How many O’Connell Bridges are in Dublin?
  • How many times has Dublin been chosen to host a Europa league final?

Tune into 98FM's Big Breakfast after 9am for your chance to play 🌞

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