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9 Things You Didn't Know About Irish Instagrammers


02:15 22 Sep 2016

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The Huawei Snapys will be held in Dublin’s Mansion House on Thursday 17th November. Ahead of the event - which celebrates the Irish Instagram community - some interesting facts about Irish Instagram users have been released.

Ireland has more Instagram users (per capita) than the USA and the UK

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Dublin’s top intagrammed image is The Spire on O’Connell Street

3. There have been over 5 million pictures uploaded with the hashtag #Dublin

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Niall Horan is the most followed Irish person with 17.1 million followers.

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84% of all Instagrammers are interested in food and drink

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86% of all Instagrammers are interested fitness and wellness

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91% of all Instagrammers are interested shopping and fashion

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The top hashtags are #love, #beautiful, #happy, #fashion

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Irish Instagram users use fewer filters than UK and USA

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