5 Indulgences That Make Us Fee...


5 Indulgences That Make Us Feel SO GOOD


05:18 20 Sep 2016

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Everyone has a favourite way to live in the moment and we all look forward to living it up and indulging a bit at the weekend. After all, life without the odd indulgence is like a roast dinner without the gravy; miserable! Once in a while, indulgences are what keep us going; bringing untold joy to an otherwise dull day. More than anyone, Centra celebrate wonderfully busy lives and whether you want to Live Well with healthier choices or Live it Up with a well-deserved.

Here's our top five favourite indulgences...

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1. A tub of Ben n Jerry's Ice Cream - Cookie Dough to be precise - and two spoons. Okay ONE spoon if we're really being greedy. Add to that one of those movies on the box that are so so bad they're actually good, and our fluffiest PJs. Bliss.

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2. A Netflix binge of epic proportions. There's no greater indulgence than that moment you finish one mind-blowing episode of a newly discovered show and then instantly set yourself up for episode 2, 3 and, sure what's the harm; the ENTIRE series in one sitting. Life's simple pleasures, eh?

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3. A duvet day. From a mental health perspective, everyone would be far better off if they indulged in the occasional duvet day with the sole aim of doing absolutely nothing. For the ultimate indulgence, don't even dream of getting dressed; stay in your jim-jams. Plan ahead for your duvet day by ensuring your fridge and pantry are stocked with all of the indulgent goodies that Centra has to offer. Ideally it will be pouring rain outside so you feel even more smug from under your duvet. 

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4. A trip to the cinema with ALL of the trimmings. Is there anything more miserable than going to see a movie on the big screen with nothing more than a bottle of water? Nope; can't do it. Half the joy of a trip to the cinema is all of the goodies you'll devour before the movie's even started to roll. For the ultimate indulgence, save yourself a few quid by smuggling in some Centra-bought sweet bags. The only trouble you'll have is choosing between Peanut M&M or Minstrels? And don't forget, nothing tastes better than emptying that bag of chocolate into your box of popcorn. 

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5. Your tea break at work. It's not that we really need a cup of tea, but the idea of sitting down for a mug of comfort with a few chocolate covered biscuits, well that's just another one of life's incredibly simple pleasures. A trip to the nearest Centra where you're faced with the task of choosing the most suitable pack of biscuits? Go on, you deserve it. 

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