The Internet Has Become Obsess...


The Internet Has Become Obsessed With Theories About Kate Middleton Going ‘Missing’


11:11 28 Feb 2024

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This is how conspiracies start!

The internet are growing more and more concerned that Kate Middleton has gone ‘missing’

The Princess Of Wales hasn’t been seen publicly seen since December 2023 and conspiracy theories are flying online as many users suggest she has disappeared, accusing the Royal Family of a ‘cover-up’.

These theories grew even further when Prince William had to drop out of a public engagement this week at the last minute.

To address these rumours, Kensington Palace has released an update on Kate’s condition, that she’s recovering well after having abdominal surgery, and should be able to resume normal public duties by Easter.

We know plenty of people won’t be convinced since they see Kate Middleton herself out and about.

It’s hard to know who are genuinely concerned about Kate’s disappearance and who just loves a good conspiracy theory!

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