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Paul Mescal And Andrew Scott Reveal The Most Famous People In Their Contacts


01:12 14 Dec 2023

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Any chance you could share those numbers with us?

Fans of Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott are going mad for a cute video of the pair of them going through their contacts for the most famous person they have in there.

The pair are currently starring in All Of Us Strangers, and are hitting the promo trail together.

In a recent video interview for Buzzfeed, the Irish actors were asked who the most famous person in their contacts was.

Andrew joked that Paul is the most famous person he has in his contacts, due to him starring in the upcoming Gladiator movie.

Which Paul wasn’t having any of!

Andrew guesses that Paul has Denzel Washington in his contacts to which Paul laughs at and says he doesn’t but he’d love to.

“I’d love to have Denzel’s. Denzel if you’re watching this, go on!”

Fans are going mad for the video, commenting that the pair clearly have a great relationship and that their chemistry translates on screen as well.

All Of Us Stranger is out in cinemas in the UK & Ireland from January the 26th.

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Feature image: Youtube\Buzzfeed

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