No, Bill Nighy And Anna Wintou...


No, Bill Nighy And Anna Wintour Are Not A Couple

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

12:36 3 May 2023

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We shouldn't have gotten our hopes up!

The biggest night in fashion, aka the Meta Gala, took place in New York last Sunday evening.

And as we mentioned in our round-up of the most memorable looks from this year's red carpet, it's a night for the celebs to go all out.

But behind the human cats and pregnancy reveals, there was a secret celebrity couple reveal! Or, so we thought.

Bill Nighy and Anna Wintour walked the red carpet at the Met Gala, and although it's not the first event they've shown up together at, it did spark rumours that the pair were an item.

The actor and fashion editor have been friends for years but the fact that they walked the red carpet together at the Met Gala seemed to be confirmation for many. Based on this (and reports that Anna Wintour's close friends seemed to think so), the news came out that the 73-year-olds were an official couple.

But now a rep has had to come out on behalf of Bill Nighy to quash the rumours.

“Bill and Anna have simply been great friends for two decades. They are not in a relationship.” they said in a rare statement on behalf of Bill.

People from Anna's camp are yet to make a comment on the herself and Bill Nighy's relationship.

Still... do we think it could be possible and they're just trying to put us off the scent? The pair are both single 73-year-olds after failed marriages so it's nice to think they're getting another shot at love at this stage in their life!

One thing's for sure, they look great together! Good on them.

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