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Louis Walsh Reveals The Staggering Amount He Was Paid To Appear On Celebrity Big Brother


09:57 2 Apr 2024

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We knew it was significant but holy moly!

It was reported early on that Louis Walsh was getting offered some serious cash to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

Undoubtedly the biggest name in this year’s line-up, there had been reports himself and his former X-Factor colleague Sharon Osbourne were costing ITV in the hundreds of thousands of pounds for their appearances.

Sharon was granted the exclusive status of "Celebrity Guest" where she was signed on to spend 5 days in the house, had her own bedroom and was paid half a million pounds for her brief stint in there.

Now Louis has revealed exactly what he earned for his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and it is eye-watering.

In an interview with the Irish Independent, the former boyband manager revealed he was paid £850,000. Converting that to euro, that’s just a few grand short of a million quid!

It’s the figure it took to get Louis to sign on as he revealed he kept saying no to the producers were very eager to get him on for a while.

“They said they really, really wanted me. They kept on at me, and still I said no, because I was scared,” the 71-year-old said.

“I don't want to be a celebrity,” he added, “It’s a fake world. I have no desire. I like music and staying under the radar.”

In the end though, it seems that money really does talk!

Although many would argue Louis was well worth the dough. There’s no doubt he brought endless entertainment to the house as he name-dropped and gossiped his way through his 3-week stint.

MailOnline did the maths and estimated that he earned a whopping €8000 for every minute he appeared on screen! 😱

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Feature photo: ITV

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