Here's The Airbnb Taylor Swift...


Here's The Airbnb Taylor Swift Stayed In While She Was In Dublin

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

09:56 8 Jun 2023

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Pretty swish!

Taylor Swift was knocking about town recently, and until now we didn't know where her lodgings were.

However, a listing for a home in Ranelagh has gone up on Airbnb and is being advertised as the place where Taylor Swift stayed when she was in Dublin!

The Coach House, is a gorgeous two-bed home that doesn't look like it's located between Ranelagh and Donnybrook.

Image: Airbnb


If you fancy a night in the same gaff that Taylor slept in, it'll set you back a bit! The glamorous home is now available to rent out on AirBnB for €300 a night.

The owner Bob, reckons the singers stay in his humble abode inspired the song Sweet Nothing on her latest album. While we can't confirm if that's true, the song does give a shout-out to the garden county!

'I spy with my little tired eye, tiny as a firefly, a pebble that we picked up last July. Down deep inside your pocket, we almost forgot it, does it ever miss Wicklow sometimes?'

The singer even left a kind note after she left, thanking Bob for a lovely stay.

"To the Haugh family. Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful home. Sending love and gratitude to you all! Love, Taylor".

The note is now framed in the Airbnb so you'll be able to see it if you ever stay there!

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