Harry Styles Is Legally Oblige...


Harry Styles Is Legally Obliged To Fill Out New Zealand's Census When He's Touring There

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

10:55 24 Feb 2023

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We can't imagine him sitting down to fill this out 😂

So Harry Styles and his touring crew have to fill out New Zealand's 2023 census.

The former One Direction singer is taking his Love On Tour across to the other side of the world, and his Auckland date happens to coincide with New Zealand's census night.

New Zealand Magazine Coup de Main were the first ones to make this discovery. They tweeted at the official census Twitter account to ask if Harry Styles would need to take part.

So he'll be no different to the rest of us, he'll have to sit down with his pen and his form and tell the New Zealand government who is dependents are and who his water supplier is 😂

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