Harry Styles Biggest Stalker S...


Harry Styles Biggest Stalker Sends Him 8,000 Letters A Month


09:20 22 Feb 2024

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This is scary!

A Brazilian woman is going through the UK courts right now as she’s being charged with stalking Harry Styles.

Myra Carvalho allegedly sent the former One Direction singer 8,000 cards and handwritten letters in less than a month, some of which are wedding cards.

The 35 year old woman is said to have gotten her hands on Harry’s address, hand-delivering two of the letters in person while she was in the UK.

Court documents show Myra was staying at a backpackers hostel in London and her family were unaware that she had travelled to the UK from Brazil.

Hopefully her behaviour can be dealt with appropriately and Harry can feel a bit safer from here on out!

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