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Claudia Winkleman Reveals The Unusual Tan Hack She Had To Use When She Ran Dry On The Set Of ‘The Traitors’


10:31 20 Feb 2024

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Very resourceful Claudia is!

When you picture Claudia Winkleman, you picture a face so fake-tanned it’s nearly orange and a fringe so long it’s hard to believe she can properly see.

And what would she be without her signature look?


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The BBC presenter revealed that she actually ran out of her essential fake tan while filming on location for The Traitors and she had to look for alternatives.

Bottles of Bondi Sands are few and far between in the Scottish Highlands so Claudia admitted that when needs must, she turned to gravy granules from the local shop.

“I didn't have my normal fake tan there because I was in the castle, so what I thought was, 'Let's just use something!'.” she said during an episode Would I Lie To You on BBC One.

“I don't think I'm allowed to say a brand, but it was gravy granules” she added as her fellow panellists and the audience laughed.

“I'd had a spray tan, but it was episode five - round table, you're wearing tweed, but what else do you need? Gravy granules.” she continued.

Never one to not be able to laugh at herself though, Claudia joked that her fake tan was one of her two skills as a TV presenter.

“All I do is paint myself orange and read from an autocue.”

She’s gas 😂

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