Cillian Murphy's Name Is One O...


Cillian Murphy's Name Is One Of The Most Mispronounced Words In The US


11:35 8 Dec 2023

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Ah here, it's not that difficult to say is it?

Babbel, a learning language company, has released a list of the most mispronounced words in the US and the UK.

And an Irish actor who had a very successful 2023 made the list.

Surprisingly Saoirse Ronan didn't make the cut (she's gotten her fair share of Sorsees and Sioreses over the years!) but Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy.

You might be asking yourself - how else would you pronounce Cillian? Turns out when Cillian was hitting the press trail for Oppenheimer last summer, many Americans were saying his name with a soft "C".

Sillian Murphy 😂

Other names that made the list were American singer SZA (pronounced Siz-uh) and Karl Lagerfield's cat Choupette (pronounced Shoo-pet)

We hope the Americans take their lessons from this and get the name of our best exports right in future!

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