A New Lord Of The Rings Film I...


A New Lord Of The Rings Film Is In The Works


11:42 10 May 2024

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The adventures of Middle Earth continue!

A new Lord Of The Rings film has been announced, and is set for release in 2026.

The new film will focus on the character Gollum, and will be directed by the man who played him in the original films, Andy Serkis.


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Andy Serkis isn’t the only Lord of The Rings OG attached to the project. Peter Jackson, the director of the original trilogy, is on board to produce.

The untitled film is set for release in 2026, confirmed by Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav during a call with investors on Thursday.

The project is currently in the "early stages of script development" by writers Walsh and Boyens, Zaslav said.

He added that the film will "explore storylines yet to be told," and will "present a significant opportunity for our theatrical business".

Lord of the Rings has had many spin offs and prequels since the original trilogy in the early 2000s. Its prequel The Hobbit released three films in 2012, 2013 and 2014, and Rings Of Power, a Prime Video series set in Tolkien’s world, was released last year.

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