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Nickname Suggestions For The New Liffey Ferry

Suzanne Brennan
Suzanne Brennan

01:54 23 Jan 2019

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Dublin City has got a brand new Ferry, which will bring you across the Liffey for a mere €2!

Dublin Port announced the news yesterday and have christened the new Liffey Ferry "Number 11"... which isn't a very imaginative name now is it?!

As with all things in Dublin, it won't be long till it's got it's own nickname, unique to our city, like The Stiffy at the Liffey , The Floozy in the Jacuzzi or the Tart with the Cart!

We asked you for some nickname suggestions this morning on 98FM's Big Breakfast and they are brilliant:

  • Ferry Katona
  • The Ring of Ferry
  • Ferry, Ferry Cool
  • Liffey McFerry
  • Liffey in a Jiffy
  • FIP (Ferry Important Person)
  • The Smelly Welly
  • The Dub Tub
  • Swamp Thing
  • The Liffey Lugger
  • The Floating Trolley
  • The Jiffey
  • The Stinky Dingy
  • The Liffey Skiffy
  • Ferry God Mother
  • If it sinks, it stinks
  • The Quay Changer

But the winning suggestion came in from Joe, who said:

"We have the green line, the red line, now we have THE SLIME LINE"

Which one is your fave?

Just make sure you don't get any of that slimey Liffey Water splashed on you!

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