'What Is The Question' Is Back...


'What Is The Question' Is Back - But Can You Guess What It Is?


09:30 22 Jul 2022

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Dublin's Good Times

'What is the Question' is back!

We have a brand new answer, and another incredible prize up for grabs with thanks to Sunway Holidays.
How does 7 nights of luxury at the 5 star Kenzi Rose Garden in Marrakech, bed & breakfast sound?
The new answer is ... RED!
Your first clue is: 'The Noughties'
Tune in to 98FM's Big Breakfast weekdays from 7AM and keep this page bookmarked to see all the incorrect guesses!

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Guesses so far:

  • What colour is Santa's suit?
  • What is the name of the dad in 'That 70's Show'?
  • What colour is the Moroccan flag?
  • What colour do you go on holidays if you get sunburned?
  • What colour city is the medina in Marrakech also known as?
  • What colour dress did the Sugababes sing about?
  • What's the second colour of the poolbeg towers, white and ....?
  • What is the colour of the 98FM logo?
  • What colour suit does Mr Tayto have?
  • What colour is on the banner of the Spar logo?
  • What colour is the angry emoji?
  • What colour is Sunway on the Sunway logo?
  • If green means go, what colour means stop?
  • What colour is Clifford the big dog?
  • What section of light does the James Webb telescope capture images in?
  • What colour is the lettering and door frame of the new Krusty Burger pop-up in Dublin?
  • What colour is Chuckie's hair in Rugrats the cartoon show?
  • What colour rose is Morocco known for?
  • What colour is your standard love heart?
  • What is the name of the Commorauds anniversary this year?
  • What is the colour of the book that the Drifter sing about in their song?
  • What colour do people see when they get angry?
  • What is the first colour of the rainbow?
  • What colour is the hand of Ulster?
  • What colour is the light on the TV when it is on standby?
  • What colour is a sever weather warning?
  • What is Rebecca (the presenters) nickname or pet name?
  • What is the colour of the Special K sign?
  • What is the colour of the interior and exterior of the Olympia Theatre?
  • What colour were the postboxes in Ireland before they were painted green?
  • According to the rhyme, what colour sky at night signifies a shepherd's delight?
  • What colour is the open top tour bus?
  • What colour are the L plates on a learner sign?
  • What is the colour of Rebecca's car?
  • What colour is the brick in the Kenzi Rose Garden Hotel?
  • What is the name of the second single Daniel Merriweather released from his album Love & War?
  • What colour are the pandas in Dublin Zoo?
  • What is the colour of Pop's top on the Rice Krispies box?
  • What colour is the Lady in the Chris deBurgh song?
  • What colour is the logo for Brennan's bread?
  • Due to regulations in Marrakesh, what colour must the houses and buildings be?
  • In the Nina Sky song, what colour were here 99 balloons?
  • What is the name of Morgan Freeman's character in 'The Shawshank Redemption'?
  • What is the name of the new Disney movie, 'Turning.....'?
  • What colour is the bullseye on a DART board?
  • What colour is a fire extinguisher?
  • What is the colour of the man's dickie bow on a Pringles Box?
  • Marrakech is also known as the what city?
  • What colour is a STOP sign?
  • What colour is the balloon emoji?
  • Guinness is known as the 'black stuff', what colour is it actually?
  • What is the first colour in the rainbow?
  • In the song 'Just Dance', Lady Gaga wrote the song with someone, what colour 'one' are they known as?
  • What colour rose would you give to someone you love?
  • What colour is a Celebrations tin?
  • What is the colour of Britney Spears leather outfit in 'Oops I didn’t it again' music video?
  • Nena had 99 balloons, but what colour were they?
  • Daniel Merriweather had a single in 2009 called what?
  • What colour is Ginger Spice's hair from Spice Girls?
  • What was the most popular hair colour in the noughties?
  • What colour is the fruit The Cranberries are named after?
  • The trending paint colour in the noughties was called Marrakech, what colour was it?
  • What is the band that sings "I Love You Stop" and "The Beat Goes"?W
  • A famous Dublin night club was called 'what' box?
  • What colour is Bosco's hair?
  • In the song Moulin Rouge, what does 'rouge' translate to?
  • What is the background colour of Ronan Keating's self titled debut album?
  • Mick Hucknall is the lead singer of the band, Simply what?
  • In 2003, what colour hot chilli peppers played Slane?
  • Virgin Media launched in the noughties, but what colour is the sign?
  • What is the name of the controversial noughties movie 'Turning Red'?
  • What colour is the box bag that Suzie Smith has?
  • What music inspired the movie turning red?
  • What colour is a Stop sign?
  • In the film 'Mean Girls', what colour is Cady's hair?
  • What is the name of Daniel Merriweather's most popular song?
  • What is the name of the dad in That 70's Show?
  • What colour is the YouTube symbol?
  • What colour is Graham Norton's couch?
  • What colour is Tickle Me Elmo?
  • What colour Luas line runs from Saggart to Connolly?
  • What was the first colour Pokémon video game launched on game boy?
  • What colour is the bow Rachel Stevens wears in 'Sweet Dreams My LA Ex' video?


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