98FM's Secret Sound Has Been G...


98FM's Secret Sound Has Been Guessed


10:20 2 Jan 2018

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Congratulations to Maryvonne Clarke in Stepaside. She called into 98FM’s Big Breakfast and told Cooper her guess… “Somebody stepping onto a weighing scales”… and has picked up an amazing €12,000!

Maryvonne lives in Stepaside, has 4 kids and is currently celebrating her 16th wedding anniversary. The clue was “Cooper got this as a wedding present”, and so did Marie!

98FM’s Secret has been going for exactly one year.

The Clues

1: This sound has nothing to do with a car

2: This sound was recorded in a house.

3: Copper got this as a wedding gift.

Incorrect Guesses

- Locks on a car door

- Hitting a deck of cards on the table

- Opening/Closing a Microwave door

- Stamping documents

- Opening/Closing a glovebox in a car

- Closing the back doors on a transit van

- Pressing the button on a flask

- A Stapler

- Closing a ring binder folder

- Using a nail gun

- Pressing a button on a briefcase

- Microwave Door

- Punching a time card into a clocking machine

- Closing the clips on a lunchbox

- Throwing a basketball into a basketball hoop

- Closing a washing machine door

- A car locking from inside the car

- A stamp

- Coffee pod falling into a coffee machine

- Frank Machine

-Hitting ice out of ice tray

- Kicking a ball off a wall

- tap shoes on a stage

- Opening/closing a lunch box

- pushing down the lever on a toaster

- Ink Stamper

- A push to open door/cupboard

- Hitting a stack of paper off a table

- a clicky pen

- fasteners on a large plastic storage box

- pushing the lever for the back windscreen wiper on a car

- a chiropractic table

- closing a filing cabinet

- clicking a pen

- a safe door closing and locking

- a judges gavel

- a stapler

- a hole puncher

- deck of cards hitting off a table

- Closing a drawer in a desk

- ATM Machine dispensing money

- Glove box

- Hole Puncher

- A punching machine

- A cord on a shower

- tapping a stack of paper on a table

- opening/closing a fridge door

- Ink Stamper

- Opening/Closing a pedal bin

- Fuel cap on a car

- Tapping on a cheap plastic football

- A Hole Puncher

- A train on train tracks

- Clicking a pen

- magnetic latch on a press

- opening the clasps of a brief case

- a cat flap

- changing a record on a jukebox

- a pogo stick

- cleaning a blackboard with a duster

- Opening/Closing a velux window

- a typewriter

- Central locking on a car

- opening a can of minerals

- clicking your tongue

- stepping on a bin pedal and the metal lid opening

- Ice maker in a fridge

- a door knocker

- last two steps of an Irish jig

- flashing your lights in the car

-Soap dispenser being used

- Banging a hammer on a table

- A car boot being closed

- A letter being dropped into a letterbox

- The back doors of a van closing

- Closing a bin lid

- A Stapler in a printer

- Pop socket on the back of a phone

-A Judges gavel

-Folding Shower Door Closing

- Central locking on a car

-Closing a cassette player/disc man

-When a printer is out of paper

- The overhead compartment on a plane

- Ink Stamp

-Plugging in a microphone

- Paper Towel Dispenser in a bathroom

- Heavy doors swinging back into place

- The Clip of the umbrella opening and closing

-Filing cabinet drawer opening and closing

-A lever on a Binding Machine

- A picture changing on a slide projector

-Putting a boxset back on a shelf

-Putting Kettle back on it's base

-Opening/Closing a washing machine

-Pulling the chord on a bathroom mirror light

-A Car mirror folding in or out

-Pushing down the lid on a bin

-A car going over a speed ramp

-A sound from the 98FM Big Breakfast Intro music

-an old fashioned manual credit card imprinter

-Pressing the button on a Punch bag machine in an arcade

-Pulling the chord on a bathroom light

-Ejecting a game from the Super Nintendo

-doing the bottle flip trick

-Taking out a video game out of it's case

-Emptying the recycle bin on your computer desktop

-The button on a toaster popping up by itself

-A Paper Guillotine

-Using a staple gun

-Pressing down on a bar to open an emergency door

-Self Ink Stamp

-Latch on a tool box

-Dice in a dome on frustration game board

-Rolling pin being placed on a table

-Price tagger

-Sliding Door

- Can falling down in a vending machine

-A can crusher

-A paper punch

-Putting a DVD in a case in a closing it

-An extendable ladder

-The arms on a pinball machine

-Circuit Breaker on a fuse board

-Clicking a Ski Boot on to a Ski

-Cracking Ice out of an Ice Tray

-Ticket Machine on a bus

-click clack sink plug

-A paper guillotine

- Bars on an emergency door

-A Library stamp

-A Push pull door

- Pressing down a button on a computer keyboard

- Windscreen Wipers moving

-Closing a washing machine foor

-Tablet compartment on a dishwasher

-Putting in the combination and opening a door on a safe

-Putting a kettle back on it's holder

-pneumatic hammer

- Storage compartment on a suite of furniture

-Lever on an office chair going up and down

-A Photocopier

- an old credit card reader

-Tenderising a steak with a mallet

-Putting post in a letterbox

-Standing on a floor lamp button

-Pressing down the buttons on a typewrite

-Replacing TV remote batteries

-Chopping vegetables

-Sliding open a Vent

-Magnetic lock on a door

-a wheelie suitcase going over some steps

-two strikes of a bass drum

-Disc going into a CD Player

-Closing the over head storage on a plane

-A horse taking a step onto a horse box

-Luas doors closing

-Taking a picture at a press conference

-A ticket machine in a car park

-Eject button on a CD player

-A Hole Puncher

-A tin opener clamping on to a tin and cutting in to the metal

- A hand held suction to reseal a bottle of wine

-A tape going into a VCR

-A clocking in machine

-Changing the gears on a bicycle

-Opening the locks on a briefcase

-Closing a school binder

-Putting a cordless hoover back on the charger

-Coin slot on a Dublin Bus

-Locking a door

-Closing down the handle on a coffee machine after you put the coffee pod in

-Closing your kitchen cupboard

-Closing the egg tray in a fridge door

-Filling a printer with paper and closing the drawer

-When you put a bank card in an ATM and it makes a click sound as it takes the card in

-Pressing eject on a cassette player

-A hole puncher

-Lock on a public toilet - turning it to occupied and back to vacant

- A price tagging gun

-Snapping open and closing the lid on a tupperwear box

-Putting a lid on to the end of a pen

-Opening and Closing a bread bin

-Paper drawer being opened closed on a printer

-Lid back on an aftershave bottle
-Lock in a bathroom on a train
-Opening of an airplane door
-wheeling a wheelie bin down off a curb
-Opening a pad lock
-Punch Bag in an arcade
- Pressing down a bubble dice on a board game
-Opening a door into a cold room
-Ice Machine on an American Fridge
- Clicking the joy con on a Nintendo Switch
- Old credit card imprinter
-Putting your card into a cash machine
-Door of a dishwasher opening and closing
- A Horse Kicking a door
-A Vending Machine in a toilet
- Putting the hotel key card into the door
- loading and shooting a NERF Gun
- A Rivet Gun
- Pulling a power chord on a power shower
-A ticket turnstile
-Opening the plastic clips on a lunch box
- Door of an old commuter train opening
- Right Clicking a mouse
-Franking Machine
-Slamming a car boot closed
- A defibrillation
-Cleaning mud off a pair of boots
- Pop up weight on a sink
- Suitcase handle going up and down
-Putting your feet up on a desk
- Opening and closing a shampoo bottle
- An attic window opening and closing
- Closing the doors on a shower door
-Releasing a glass compartment on a TV stand
-Laying down timber flooring
-Pressing the button on an air flosser
- A Kitchen cabinet that you push in to open
- A recliner chair opening and closing
- A sandwich maker opening/closing
-Putting a shower head back on its holder
- Toilet seat lid closing
- Hammering a nail into a wall
- Opening/closing the latch on a stair gate
- Opening/closing latch on a shed door
-Trying to open a press with a child lock on it
-Pushing the handle up on a patio door
- Closing the door on a dryer
-Vegetable Dicer
-Pedal Bin
- Twisting the top on a bottle of soap
-Opening a loft hatch
-Opening an extractor fan
-A Dimmer Switch
- Door on a fuse box
-A pull chord in a bathroom
- Clicking a cordless dyson onto the wall
- retracting the cord on a hoover
- Desk lamp
- Opening/closing a cake box
- Replacing ink in printer
- closing a photo frame
- a coffee maker
- putting something on a shelf
- closing a suitcase
-Clicking in the back of the remote control
- Placing something on an old mechanical kitchen scales and taking it off
-Coffee machine pressing down the pod
- Changing the head on a food mixer
- Water dispenser on an American fridge freezer
-Opening/Closing a Microwave
- An oven door  closing
- closing the handle down on a coffee pod
- Lid on a pressure cooker

-Top flap on a coffee machine when you release the capsule

-Opening and closing an old writing desk

-Unblocking the sink with a plunger

-opening and closing a canteen of cutlery

- wooden table being put back into a nest of tables

- Pressing the button on a microwave

-Chopping Board

-Dishwasher door closing

-Deep fat fryer closing

-Velux window closing

-Home phone being placed into cradle

-Wine bottle opener

-Rap Master

-Emptying bin on cordless Dyson

-Changing blades on electric carving knife

-Sandwich maker lock

-Automatic bottle opener

-Fancy cutlery box locking

-Closing a bread bin

-Soda stream

-Closing the clasp on a watch

-Closing the lid on a rice cooker

-A motorcycle helmet

-Turning on and off a fan

-A tin foil holder in the kitchen

-Vinyl record loaded on to a record player

-A cigar cutter

-Putting knives back into a block holder

-Closing the lid on an acti-fry

-Clicking open a cutlery box set

-Hand press chopper device

- Antique Camera

-Projector slide being changed

- Pushing the leaver on a coffee machine

-A Recliner chair

-View pointer closing on a Camcorder

-Digital photo printer

- Throwing an exercise ball against a wall

-Opening/Closing the lid on a Henry Hoover

-Hitting the snooze button on an alarm clock

-Turning a food processor bowl to lock it in place

-Closing a drawer on an air fryer

-Click on a washing machine door

-Changing a pic on a digital photo frame

-Wedding photo album

-Opening a cutlery case

-A Pedal bin opening/closing

-Changing the record on a JukeBox

-Closing down a Sandwich Toaster

-Gas switch on a BBQ

-Putting a cordless kettle back on it's base

-Salad Shaker

-A trouser press

-The arm of a record player

- Opening a luxury box of liquer

-Clicking in a memory stick in a camera

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