98FM's Secret Sound 2019


98FM's Secret Sound 2019

Suzanne Brennan
Suzanne Brennan

11:52 25 Sep 2019

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98FM's Secret Sound is back!

We're kicking off 98FM's brand new Secret Sound with a cool €1,000 AGAIN!

The sound will go up by €50 each day it isn't guessed.

Guess the sound, win the cash.

You'll have two chances to win every day. First on 98FM's Big Breakfast at 7:30am and once again on The Big Ride Home from 4pm.


Here's a list of what's been guessed so far:

- A stapler

- A paper puncher

- Button to open the door on a tumble dryer

-Turnstile at a Train Station

-Opening a microwave door

-Paper dispenser in the toilets
-Opening a foot pedal bin
- Closing over a ladder
-Pulling down a stira ladder
-Pushing the levers down on a toaster
-Hanger going on a rail in a wardrobe
-Flicking a spring on a door stop
- A Nail Gun
- A Mouse Trap
- Closing a kitchen press
- The Hand on a clock moving
- Opening a Bin
- Folding an Ironing board
 - Pedal on a bin
- Hand held staple gun
-Going through a Turnstile
-Hole Punch
-Closing over an ironing board
-Shooting a cross bow and arrow
-A Door Stopper
-Opening a shed door
-Ball coming out of a pin ball machine
-Pulling out the drawer on a dishwasher
- Hand Towel Dispenser
- Taking an item of clothes off a hanger in a wardrobe
- Scoring a goal in a game of air hockey
-Pulling on the shower cord
-Handle-less wardrobe being opened
- Blinds being pulled
- Springboard stopper
- Hand of a clock
- Handle of a couch
- Old school dial telephone
- Stapler
- Toaster Popping
- Bucket of a JCB
- Closing a storage door
- Pressing dice on Frustration bored game
- Toilet flushing
- Springs on a trampoline
- Opening a bin
- A pull chord engine
- Air hockey game slot
- Microwave Door
- Peddle Bin
-Staple Remover
- Pogo Stick
- Clothes Line
- Door closing in Minecraft
- Stamp on documents
- Bear Trap
- Typewriter
- Child lock on press
- Gas BBQ
- Ring Binder
- Emergency door handle
- Magnetic knife wall
- A gymnastic spring board
-  A guillotine vegetable chopper
- Shower door closing
- Closet under the stairs closing
- A photocopier
- Floorboard creeking
- Clay pigeon being released
-Old Cassette player button (being pressed play or pause).
- Locking the door and pushing the handle up to lock it.
- Central locking system on car
- Tissue dispenser
- Jumping on diving board
- Manuel weighing scales
- Slamdunk
- Abacus
- Opening a tin of sweets
- Squeezing a mop into bucket
- The pedal on a piano
- An aersol can
- Industrial Bread cutting machine
-  Petrol Pump being put back
- Flushing toilet with no water
- Button on hoover
- Pool ball going into pocket
- Sewing Machine
- Glass bottle being taken out of bottle rack
- Closing overhead bin on plane
- Taking Pringles out of box
- Pulling chord on lawn mower
- Slingshot being released
- Opening tab on a can
- Cling film dispenser
- Ball toy

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