Majority Of Parents Miss Work...


Majority Of Parents Miss Work To Care For Sick Children


12:00 25 Sep 2021

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Over half of all parents have taken time off of work to take care of their children while sick. 

In total, some 53% of mothers and fathers missed work when their child fell ill. 

Overwhelmingly, the responsibility of caring for a sick child falls to one parent; 64% of mothers have taken time off of work, compared with only 26% of fathers. 

Grandparents often help out as well, with 28% taking time out to look after a sick child.  

The research, carried out by probiotic company Pro-Ven, found that on average nearly half (43%) of all school children miss four or more days of class each year due to everyday childhood illnesses.

Usually children fall ill with a common cold, with 64% of parents citing this as the reason for their child staying home from school.  

But clinical trials carried out by Pro-Ven also found that such absenteeism can be reduced through the use of probiotics. 

The company’s founder Dr Nigel Plummer said: 

“Absenteeism from school, if we take the average across the two trials, was 20% decreased in the probiotic group, [among] the children taken Pro-Ven, compared to those who weren’t [taking Pro-Ven]. 

“Then we look at other aspects of the coughs and colds - duration of coughs and colds was significantly decreased as well. The use of antibiotics, that was down by 35% in the probiotic group.”

Main image: A child walks to school in December 2020. Picture by: Robin Utrecht/PA. 

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