Kodaline Have The Most Hilario...


Kodaline Have The Most Hilarious Way Of Celebrating Their Birthdays

Suzanne Brennan
Suzanne Brennan

12:20 3 May 2019

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This morning on 98FM's Big Breakfast, we caught up with Kodaline ahead of their big gig in St. Anne's Park at the end of this month.

The lads have just finished up with their Australia and Asian tour and guitarist Mark revealed he's returned home with a fractured hand.

But you'll never guess how he received the injury....

Turns out the band have the most hilarious birthday ritual which sounds like the kinda thing we could get on board with: Instead of blowing out the candles on their birthday cake, they all take turns at punching the cake.

Mark explained where it all went wrong..."Most of the cakes we got were sponge cakes...but this was just cream and my hand just went STRAIGHT through" Ouch!

Listen back to the full interview in the Big Breakfast Bitesize podcast

See Kodaline Live in St. Anne's Park this May 31st and June 1st.

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