An Irish Social Media Star Is...


An Irish Social Media Star Is Going To Be Taking Part In A Huge Netflix Series


11:29 16 Nov 2023

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Our interest has been piqued 👀 

Irish TikToker Eric Roberts is going to be taking part in a massive new Netflix series according to

The Donegal man is set to appear in Squid Game: The Challenge, a reality show based on the most popular Netflix series of all time.


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If you’re familiar, you’ll be aware that the original Squid Games is set in a dystopian world where contestants take part in a competition to win a massive cash prize, unaware that it has a deadly twist.

So we’re sure Eric Roberts made sure Squid Game: The Challenge didn’t have exactly the same rules as the original series before signing up 😂

One thing Squid Game: The Challenge does have in common with the original series though, the cash prize is absolutely astronomical.

Eric, along with 456 other contestants (how about those for odds) is competing to win $4.56million.

Apparently the show was filmed over a year ago, but it will premiere in 10 parts on Netflix later this month.

A source for Goss told the publication that Eric was sworn to secrecy over his role in the major TV series.

“This is such an incredible opportunity for Eric to branch out into an international market.”

With a whopping 587k TikTok followers, Eric was able to take the leap and quit his job as a full-time  special needs assistant and make it full time in the entertainment industry.

“This is just the beginning of Eric’s TV career, and who knows what doors this could open for him.”

Eric himself hasn't confirmed the news yet, but you can actually spot him in the trailer around the 1.47 mark if you pay close attention!

We'll be rooting for him to bring the $4.56million home 😂

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