Winning the Ryder Cup will tur...


Winning the Ryder Cup will turn Harrington into a tattoo kind of guy

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Padraig Harrington has vowed to be tattooed should his European team beat the United States at this week's Ryder Cup. 

In 2018, victorious captain Thomas Bjorn had a tattoo of the Ryder Cup and the 7½-10½ tattooed on his backside.

Speaking ahead of this week's competition in Wisconsin, Harrington said it's now an unwritten rule that a European captain must follow Bjorn's lead.

"I am delighted that that's all they ask for, but I'd have given up a lot more," he said, "So yes, I will be getting a tattoo.

"If my team produce a winning week, I will be getting a tattoo to mark the occasion, and very comfortable that they only asked that much of me because I would have given more."

Asked if the issue was raised by Team Europe and his backroom staff, Harrington replied, "I think it's an unwritten rule, so it has come up, yes, in conversation.

"Maybe they didn't ask. Maybe I offered and they felt that was enough. But definitely, yeah, it's a given now in Europe. Captain has to get a tattoo.

"And I don't have any other tattoos at this stage, so it would be a new experience for me. Where on the body? I don't know. It depends -- no, I can't go that route. Depends how long it is."

Meanwhile, Harrington has talked up the influence of Shane Lowry on Team Europe.

The Offaly golfer is one of three rookies in the team, alongside Viktor Hovland and Bernd Wiesberger.

Lowry spoke on Wednesday about soaking in every moment of the week, with his captain feeling he's the perfect addition to his team.

"He brings an awful lot into the team room. All three rookies do," Harrington revealed, "He's got a great personality in there and really mixes well and helps the others.

"Golf wise he's a big time player. He delivers on a big stage. He's good under that sort of pressure, and he has that belief.

"Yeah, he's ideally suited for this sort of format, match play, golf course, but really for the occasion, and he's definitely -- he's embracing it for sure.

"Very happy with the way he's going about things, and as I said, he's the type of guy who delivers on the big stage, so looking forward to that this week."

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