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Wenger on Super League | 'This idea will not go far'

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Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger does not believe that the breakaway Super League, which includes six Premier League clubs, will go far.

In 2009, FIFA's head of global development stated his belief that there would be a European league in the next ten years because "the money that will be coming in from the Champions League will not be enough for some clubs because they spend too much money."

Twelve of Europe's biggest clubs including Wenger's former employers have set up the competition to rival the UEFA Champions League but the Frenchman remains hopeful that their plan will fail.

"I would say that’s a bad idea. Football has to stay united, it’s the most important thing," Wenger told Talksport.

"It’s based on sporting merit and overall to respect the history that has been built from European football. I believe, personally, that this idea will not go far.

"I don’t know what exactly is behind (it). There is a more dangerous idea behind it and it’s a big threat for the Premier League.

"When I was still in charge it was a lot going on from other countries to diminish the dominance of the Premier League and a project like that would certainly accelerate that."

Arsenal, who have never won the Champions League, are joined by fellow Premier League clubs, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

Wenger insisted that he was unaware of his old club's role in discussions over the breakaway competition.

"I don’t know what’s going on but that doesn’t change what I think," said Wenger. "I believe for me, the most important, is to keep unity in the game and that football is played the same all over the world and that it’s inside one organisation.

"I think it was a strength as football was the most popular sport in the world and this was one of the reasons.

"Absolutely we have to fight to keep football simple, understandable and based on merit and everybody has the same chance and dream to be successful."

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