WATCH | Watford star Kabasele...


WATCH | Watford star Kabasele not holding back in #StayAtHome tackle

Off The Ball
Off The Ball

01:02 6 Apr 2020

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Plenty of sporting stars have been staving off the boredom with #StayAtHome clips for their social media accounts, and Watford star Christian Kabasele is the latest.

The 29-year-old Belgian international has a decent set-up in his back garden, but his young son won't thank him for this one.

Kabasele, who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo but moved to Belgium at a young age, claims in his caption that he got the ball. We'll let you make your own mind up...

He adopts 'Stay At Home and Keep Positive' as his message in the location of his post, and to be fair, seeing videos like this can only help. Let's just hope it doesn't lead to a wave of football violence against small kids.

Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold has been one player who has taken to social media from quarantine for a skills / accuracy video, while his club teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been busy practicing his golf short game.

Another different way of keeping fit during the coronavirus pandemic and resulting postponement of sport has, for many people, been the chance to take their dogs for a walk.

PSG and Brazil star Neymar has, however, taken that a step further, and is using his canine companions as football buddies.

The ex-Santos striker has posted a video and accompanying imagery to his 136 million followers on Instagram, showing him dribbling with a football on his homemade football pitch while being chased by two dogs.

A bit of fun, but nowehere near as impressive as Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker's successful throw into his attic window.

Again, we can never verify just how many attempts it takes these guys to complete these challenges, but when you consider the money they are on to play football for a living, you would hope it comes fairly easily to them.

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