WATCH: Undertaker surprises 'b...


WATCH: Undertaker surprises 'brother' Kane with Hall of Fame reveal

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There were emotional scenes between two giants as Kane was revealed as an inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame. 

The man behind the character, Glen Jacobs, received the news from his on-screen brother and long-time partner, Mark 'Undertaker' Callaway.

Jacobs was a guest on WWE's online talkshow, The Bump, where the pair were kicking around stories of their shared past.

Asked if there was anything else Callaway would like to tell Jacobs, it was revealed that 'Kane' would be entering the Hall of Fame during Wrestlemania week.

Jacobs - now the mayor of Knox County in Tennessee - was legitimately caught off guard, and barely held back tears as he processed the news.

Similarly, Callaway began to get choked up as he saw how his news was received.

Jacobs debuted as Kane in the then WWF at their In Your House: Badd Blood pay-per-view in October of 1997.

The masked Kane was portrayed as The Undertaker's brother, someone who - in storyline terms - had been severely burned and mentally scarred by a fire supposedly started by The Undertaker.

Silly, yes, but all parties involved captivated the watching audience leading to their first match together at Wrestlemania XIV in Boston in the spring of 1998.

Kane's career in WWE would be interlinked with that of The Undertaker over the next two decades, with the pair dubbed The Brothers of Destruction.

In reality, their relationship went back to 1995 when The Undertaker was booked in Jim Cornette's independent Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion. 'Taker was paired with Jacobs' then character Unabomb.

On recommendation from Callaway, Jacobs would debut in the WWF later that year as a dreadful dentist character by the name of Isaac Yankem DDS.

He'd later be repackaged as 'Diesel', a character previously portrayed by the then WCW talent Kevin Nash. Along with Rick 'Razor Ramon' Bogner, Jacobs was lumbered with another dead-end character that was essentially being used as leverage in a legitimate trademark dispute with the Ted Turner-owned WCW.

Jacobs' reputation as a 'team player' backstage aided his long tenure in the WWE, cycling through various feuds and being bestowed with sundry titles along the way.

Kane followed Molly Holly and ex-WCW vice president Eric Bischoff in being included in the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame class.

They'll be joined by veteran ECW and WWE talent Rob Van Dam, and lumbering giant The Great Khali.

Khali's (portrayed by 7' Dalip Singh) induction is seen as a political ploy, with WWE keen to increase its footprint in his native India. They've even staged India-centric events on the WWE Network in recent months.

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