Watch: Rassie Erasmus releases...


Watch: Rassie Erasmus releases hour-long video in another Lions twist

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This summer's Lions Series has taken another bizarre twist.

With plenty of focus on social media activity in recent weeks, now South Africa's Director of Rugby Rassie Erasmus has released a lengthy video.

The footage, which runs to just over an hour, includes a series of clips surrounding decisions in the first test.

The Lions won the game 22-17 last Saturday.

But Erasmus says he was not pleased with the 'clarity' he received on decisions from referee Nic Berry.

"This video we're going to put together, or this footage, is two or threefold," Erasmus says at the outset.

"There's been a lot said on media, social media, about officiating and public giving out to each other between myself, Warren Gatland, the Springboks and the Lions and so on.

"People that know me know that's not normally the way it happens when we're involved in a test match."

Referring to his own activity on Twitter, Erasmus said:

"I think when somebody posts something on Twitter that is correct, I will retweet it.

"Because the previous week, there was no bones made about it when Warren Gatland said stuff in the media when we were dead quiet.

"We definitely felt the way things unfolded on the field didn't benefit us by staying quiet."

On the potential consequences for the video, Erasmus says he will step away from the South African set-up if required.

"I myself in my position of Director of Rugby, if this causes that I'm not allowed to be a water carrier that's fine, I'll step away from the water carrier.

"If this means we're going to get a fine, I'll step away from the management team.

"If this means that the Springboks will be in trouble I'll say I did this in isolation, it's me personally that did this and this is not SA rugby and it's not the Springboks because I believe in fairness,"

"I believe in a system and I believe in two teams having equal chance of competing in the match.

"I'm not saying the referee was a cheat at all, I'm saying that we just wanted clarity on a Sunday night which we now got on a Tuesday.

"To be honest I am not very convinced with the clarity that we got from Nick Berry."

The latest twist in the Tour adds further spice to Saturday's all-important second test.

The game will be live in full on Off The Ball from 5pm.

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