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The mind games have stepped up ahead of Ireland v Wales after Warren Gatland claimed that Ireland should be denied have final say about whether or not the roof of the Principality Stadium will be closed.

The sides have to agree under Six Nations rules but on this occasions they are at loggerheads. The IRFU have asked that it be open for Saturday’s showdown. Wales want it closed.

Schmidt says concerns about the bad weather forecast for Saturday's game is behind the WRU's decision to ask for the roof to be closed, the New Zealander isn’t buying it though:

"There's been a request from Wales that in the interest of the quality of the game and the very poor weather forecast that the roof be closed," said Schmidt.

"So they've said to the Six Nations directly, 'can it be closed?"'

"For us, last time we said 'look, we don't mind, you choose and they chose closed, but made the field incredibly wet at the start of the game.

"So we will probably be happy enough if it's open anyway."

Tension rises as Cardiff roof conundrum continues 

Warren Gatland has defended that break with tradition of having both sides agree by saying the host team should be permitted to set up their ground however they see fit:

"Both teams have to agree to the roof being closed so that means basically the away team decides what happens in our stadium.

"I have made a number of comments in the past about that. It's our stadium and we should be able to do what we want with it."

"There is no doubt when the roof is closed does create more of an atmosphere in terms of the noise.

"Some teams are able to handle that and others can’t with the extra noise and pressure and what the crowd can deliver from a home point of view."

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