"The Boys Have A Week Off" | Klopp Appears To Answer Shrewsbury Question

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Jurgen Klopp seemed to be digging his heels in on the decision to not play his first-choice XI against Shrewsbury in Tuesday's FA Cup fourth-round replay after they defeated Southampton 4-0 in the Premier League.

The German said, when asked about the potential for Liverpool to break records in their current form he said, "I have no clue." He then continued to emphasise "the boys have now a week off, we all have a week off, and then we go again. That’s the only thing I know and all the rest we have to see."

Speaking to Off The Ball in the wake of Klopp's comments that he wouldn't show up to the replay against the League One side due to fixture congestion, journalist Daniel Harris said, "to say that he himself is not going to manage the team, why? He's not playing!

"He does do a lot of prancing on the touchline but I feel sure that he can manage one extra game without ruining his fitness for the touchline attention-seeking that he will need to perpetrate over the course of the rest of the season.

"To say that he himself is not coming is pathetic."

Liverpool extended their lead at the top of the Premier League to 22 points following the win against Southampton at Anfield, and have only dropped points once in the competition all season.

"The attitude and the mentality of these boys made it again possible that we could win this game," said Klopp.

"Because this was a game which looked in moments not only tricky, it looked like – banana skin is maybe not the right word because Southampton are too good for being a banana skin – but it looked like today, yes it will probably happen.

"The boys put a sensational shift in, everybody went to the point and above, so that makes this group really special. That’s all that happened. We didn’t want to have a 22-point difference to other teams today, we wanted to have 73 points after that matchday. And that’s what we have, so all good for the moment."

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