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Simone Biles is right to put her well-being first | Rory McIlroy

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Rory McIlroy says he "100 percent agrees" with Simone Biles' decision to step away from events at the Games.

The US gymnastics star withdrew from the team and all-around finals in Tokyo, saying she was prioritising her mental health.

McIlroy says he's impressed that the four-time Olympic champion is focusing on her mental and physical well being.

“A hundred percent," the four-time major winner said after his second-round in the golf in Tokyo.

"So, I live in the United States and anything that came on the TV NBC or commercials about the Olympics, it was Simone Biles, it was Simone Biles Olympics, right? So, to have the weight of, what is it, total six million people combined in the island of Ireland.

"You got 300 whatever million, so the weight on her shoulders is massive. And just as I thought Naomi Osaka was right to do what she did at the French Open and take that time off and get herself in the right place, I a hundred percent agree with what Simone is doing as well.

"I mean you have to put yourself in the best position physically and mentally and to be at your best and if you don't feel like you're at that or you're in that position then you're going to have to make those decisions and but I'm certainly very impressed with, especially those two women to do what they did and put themselves first.”

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