Premier League reports record...


Premier League reports record high COVID-19 infections

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Forty positive coronavirus cases have been recorded at Premier League clubs over the latest two rounds of testing.

The checks were carried out between December 28 and January 3.

Four top flight fixtures have been postponed so far this season because of positive results at clubs.

28 of those positive results came from the 1,311 players and club staff tested between Monday December 28 and Thursday December 31.

984 players and club staff were tested between New Year's Day and January 3, and of those 12 returned positive results.

Several players have opened themselves up to criticism for flouting England's coronavirus regulations.

Manchester City were one of those teams to have a game postponed, after a number of positive COVID-19 cases in their squad led to their game with Everton being called off.

Benjamin Mendy was since revealed to have hosted a New Year's Eve party, with City promising an internal investigation.

His manager Pep Guardiola offered a weak defence of the full-back, saying, "I would like to see how many people judge him if they have the good intentions he has.

“It would be better if, before we judge others, we judge ourselves.

“I’m not justifying that, he broke the rules. But don’t give too many lessons to others.

“Of course it was not correct what he has done, but don’t judge him too much. Maybe many people have done the same. It’s easy to judge others.

“If everyone put those intentions aside, maybe it would be better."

Crystal Palace midfielder Luka Milivojevic and Fulham striker Aleksandar Mitrovic were also pictured together on December 31.

Palace boss Roy Hodgson didn't fully chastise Milivojevic's actions as the Serb maintained their captaincy, but did say, "We condemn it, we certainly apologise for it and I am sure Luka will as well.

"As far as I am concerned he must take full responsibility for that."

The Premier League said of their latest results, "With low numbers of positive tests across the overwhelming majority of clubs, the League continues to have confidence in its COVID-19 protocols, fully backed by the Government, to enable fixtures to be played as scheduled."

Previous Premier League test results:

Round 1: 31 Aug-6 Sep - 1,605 tested, with three testing positive.
Round 2: 7-13 Sep - 2,131 tested, with four testing positive.
Round 3: 14-20 Sep - 1,574 tested, with three testing positive.
Round 4: 21-27 Sep - 1,595 tested, with 10 testing positive.
Round 5: 28 Sep-4 Oct - 1,587 tested, with nine testing positive.
Round 6: 5-11 Oct - 1,128 tested, with five testing positive.
Round 7: 12-18 Oct - 1,575 tested, with eight testing positive.
Round 8: 19-25 Oct - 1,609 tested, with two testing positive.
Round 9: 26 Oct-1 Nov - 1,446 tested, with four testing positive.
Round 10: 2-8 Nov - 1,646 tested, with four testing positive.
Round 11: 9-15 Nov - 1,207 tested, with 16 testing positive.
Round 12: 16-22 Nov - 1,530 tested, with eight testing positive.
Round 13: 23-29 Nov - 1,381 tested, with 10 testing positive.
Round 14: 30 Nov-6 Dec - 1,483 tested, with 14 testing positive.
Round 15: 7-13 Dec - 1,549 tested, with six testing positive.
Round 16: 14-20 Dec - 1,569 tested, with seven testing positive.
Round 17: 21-27 Dec - 1,479 tested, with 18 being positive.

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