PFA's Bobby Barnes hopes Sanch...


PFA's Bobby Barnes hopes Sancho will escape sanction

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The PFA's deputy chief executive hopes that there will be no punishment for Jadon Sancho and other players for their displays of support for George Floyd.

Bobby Barnes believes that the 'Justice for George Floyd' message that Sancho displayed under his Borussia Dortmund shirt after scoring his first goal against Paderborn at the weekend is not a "political message".

Sancho's team-mate Achraf Hakimi did the same after his late goal while US international Weston McKennie wore an armband that read 'Justice for George' while he was in action for Schalke against Werder Bremen.

The players are now facing a Bundesliga disciplinary investigation.

Under 'FIFA law 4: The Players' Equipment', it is stated that; "Players must not reveal undergarments that show political, religious, personal slogans, statements or images, or advertising other than the manufacturer's logo.

"For any offence the player and/or the team will be sanctioned by the competition organiser, national football association or to be justified by FIFA."

However, in a statement released today, world football's governing body said that competition organisers, such as domestic leagues, "should use common sense and have in consideration the context surrounding the events".

Barnes is hoping that Bundesliga bosses take that into account.

"This is not a politically motivated situation," Barnes told Sky Sports.

"We're talking about something here that I think could potentially be a pivotal moment in history because I really think that the whole world now is united in condemnation of what actually took place on the streets of Minnesota a week ago.

"For too long players...they're asked to be role models and what greater sign as a role model could you actually show than to actually use your platform to say, 'I've seen something that I believe is wrong and I support any efforts to be made to wipe out these injustices'."

After the Dortmund win, BT Sports analyst Owen Hargreaves expressed his admiration for the two players for making "a stand for things that shouldn’t happen in our society".

Barnes reiterated his belief that the message the players expressed was not a political one.

"I actually don't think that this is a political message that Jadon has actually sent out there," added Barnes.

"This is a humanitarian slogan that he has actually put on his shirt, along with many other [players].

"I think that when you cast your mind back to that terrible incident a week ago and you look at something you can only really express as man's inhumanity to the man.

"I think it's only right that players use the platform that they've got to try and bring attention to these sort of injustices.

"I certainly think that someone like Jadon should be applauded, certainly not sanctioned."

Barnes also added praised for the Liverpool squad who took a knee at Anfield to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Footballers do have a social conscience and what we've seen here is the depth of feeling that players feel," said Barnes.

"I was very encouraged by the fact that the solidarity shown by the Liverpool team, of all colours, different races and creeds came together to actually express their soildarity with George Floyd and also to express their abhorrence for this sort of activity, that unfortunately has been going on for far too long.

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