Pele's daughter offers encoura...


Pele's daughter offers encouraging update on legend's health

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Pele's daughter has revealed the Brazilian legend is being allowed to leave hospital. 

The three-time World Cup-winner - who turns 81 next month - has been undergoing treatment at Sao Paulo's Albert Einstein Hospital for nearly a month after the discovery of a tumour in his colon.

Pele was kept in intensive care after the operation, with Kely Nascimento forced to deny that her father had suffered major set-backs in his recover.

Nascimento has since returned to New York, but has confirmed that Pele is to be released from hospital.

"I loved including my Father's recovery in my social," she wrote on Instagram, "It wasn't planned, it was a decision we made at the hospital to try to have a little fun with you guys.

"Now that he's stronger and leaving the hospital to continue recovering and treating himself at home, I'm going back home and my posts will go back to being posts about my work, my city, food, drink, my kids, dogs and chickens!!"

Earlier this week, Nascimento shared a picture of Pele after his hair was dyed back to a more recognisable colour having greyed in the hospital.

She told her followers her Dad wanted to "look even more handsome when he gets out of here!"

On Pele's own account, a video was shared of him tossing a ball back and forth with his physical therapist.

"No matter the size of the challenge," the post read, "The secret is to celebrate every little victory along the way."

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