Outrage Over "Vicious"...


Outrage Over "Vicious" Zimbabwe Herald Article


01:16 10 Mar 2015

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Cricket Ireland have heavily criticised an article in the Zimbabwe Herald about John Mooney, dismissing it as "vicious".

The piece, headlined “Alcoholic dumps Zimbabwe out of World Cup” appears to make fun of Mooney's battles with depression and alcohol, issues which the Dubliner has been open about.

And it also blames him for a controversial catch, which ended up costing Zimbabwe victory in their World Cup clash against the Boys in Green on Saturday.

The piece questions Mooney’s integrity due to his “alcoholism” and “suicidal thoughts”.

Cricket Ireland have reacted strongly over the article.

Warren Deutrom, Chief Executive of Cricket Ireland said: “In relation to the story that has appeared in today’s Zimbabwe Herald, it would be easy to dismiss it as a childish diatribe if it wasn’t for the vicious personal attack on John which cannot pass without comment, and possible action.

“John represents his country with honour, distinction and integrity.

“That he does in the face of personal challenges about which he has spoken openly and movingly demonstrates incredible hard work and great courage.

“We understand, as does John, that public figures may occasionally be subject to negative comment, but in mocking John in such a contemptuous fashion, and using his personal difficulties as a mere punchline, the Zimbabwe Herald has demonstrated breath-taking crassness and a gross error of editorial judgement.

We have made contact with ICC to understand what remedies might be available to us.”

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