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Nolberto Solano arrested for breaking coronavirus isolation rules in Peru

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Former Newcastle player, Nolberto Solano, has been arrested in his native Peru for having a party when he was supposed to be in isolation.

As of December 2017, Solano has been a technical assistant to Ricardo Gareca with the Peru national football team, and has also been a coach of their U-23 team.

Solano was rumbled by his neighbours, who reported that a loud meeting was being held in the building. However, the former Newcastle, Aston Villa and West Ham player denied that it was a party.

The National Police detained Nolberto Solano, alongside the former Peruvian soccer player, Pablo Zegarra.

They were picked up by police for not complying with the quarantine orders imposed by the Peruvian Government to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Both were in a gathering that took place in a house in the Sol de La Molina district in Lima, the capital of Peru.


However, in a quote worthy of its own Simpsons meme, the controversial former footballer denied it was a party.

"What party? What are they talking about? "said Solano when he entered the La Molina police station for not respecting social isolation rules.

According to Peruvian television, the residents insist that a party was held on Thursday afternoon and evening. They say it got underway at approximately 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

While Solano denies it was a party, neighbours say there was significant noise in the house where he was picked up and several cars were parked outside.

Upon leaving the police station, Nolberto Solano accepted that he and Zegarra were at a gathering at a neighbor's house. “We have just been to a friend's house. The National Police is doing a great job and that's it! Everyone is complaining, "

There was some consternation among local media outlets as Solano was brought to a police station before being released without charge. Whereas other people who are picked up by police on a daily basis and who are serving a 24-hour arrest.

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