'I miss the fans the most' - M...


'I miss the fans the most' - Manchester City's Bernardo Silva

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A lot of talk around the Bundesliga's return last weekend focused on the lack of atmosphere, with all games being played behind closed doors.

Most leagues around Europe are set to get their seasons back underway and will be following suit by playing matches without supporters to finish out their respective seasons.

There is no guarantee that things will return to normal for the following season, as the discovery of a vaccine for coronavirus could take a long time, if one is found at all.

The Bundesliga matches felt odd but it is something that the players will have to get used to for the time being and Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva admits that the roar of the supporters is something that he is really missing.

"I think the thing that I miss the most is not training or kicking a ball but the feeling of playing in a stadium full of people who get frustrated when you miss a goal, or are happy and celebrating a lot when you score one," Silva told the Sky Sports Football Show.

"The feeling of playing for the fans is what I miss the most.

"I was in Portugal with my close friends and family for more than a month and although we are in a bad situation, it was quite fun because I was with them and I was able to rest.

"I've been back in the UK for more than 10 days and it's quite boring."

The Portugal international's boredom will have been relieved somewhat by the return to training with City on Monday.

It is the first time that manager Pep Guardiola has had his players on a pitch since early March when they were beaten in the Manchester derby.

The Spaniard signed Silva in 2017 and the midfielder admits, as his team-mate Kevin De Bruyne did in recent days, that adjusting to the coaching methods of Guardiola is not easy.

"Of course it is [overwhelming], it takes time," said Silva.

"It takes time to adapt, it takes time to understand what your new manager wants.

"In this case what Pep wants, it is something very complex because he goes through the little details and yes, it took me some time as well."

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