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Matthew Le Tissier has ended a 37-year association with Southampton due to one of his many abhorrent tweets.

The 53-year old resigned his position as Southampton club ambassador having suggested the bodies left dead on the streets of Bucha in Ukraine were bogus.

Earlier this week, Russian media claimed that images of bodies left dead by their country's attack on the town were faked. In excess of 300 people were killed in the attack.

On Tuesday Le Tissier quote tweeted with the word 'This' a tweet from far-right outfit Unity News Network which claimed, "The media lied about weapons of mass destruction, the media lied about the Hunter Biden laptop. But honestly they are telling the truth about Bucha!".

Le Tissier was both scorned and mocked for sharing the dog whistle tweet.

Such has been the backlash that he has resigned as Southampton's club ambassador.

Le Tissier first joined the club in 1985, going on to become the club's second-highest top scorer.

However, his social media activities have seen him veer to the extreme right, peddling Covid conspiracies in particular over the past two years.

Le Tissier is also trying to monetise his conspiracies, with an appearance lined up at an event in Southampton where tickets cost between £15 and £20.

"Let me make something very clear I do not advocate war in any way shape or form I do not advocate anyone taking lives of others and anyone who commits such acts should be dealt with accordingly, any atrocities leave devastating effects on the families of the victims and us all," he tweeted, without retracting his suggestion the Bucha massacre was faked.

"To all the fans of sfc. I have decided to step aside from my role as an ambassador of SFC.

"My views are my own and always have been, and it’s important to take this step today to avoid any confusion. This does not affect my relationship with and love for my club, and I will always remain a fan and supporter of everything Saints.

"I can, however, see that due to recent events it’s important to separate the work I believe in from my relationship with the club I have supported and played for most of my life. I will see you all at St Mary’s and will always do anything I can to help the club."

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