Hamilton hits out at Saudi Ara...


Hamilton hits out at Saudi Arabia's anti-LGBTQ laws

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Lewis Hamilton has admitted to feeling uncomfortable competing in Saudi Arabia, due to its anti-LGBTQ+ stance. 

The Formula One circus has been pitched in Jeddah for the penultimate race in a thrilling battle for the driver's title.

Hamilton trails Max Verstappen by 8-points ahead of the first ever Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Indeed, the driver's championship could be put to bed this weekend if Verstappen outscores his Mercedes rival by 18-points.

But the reigning world champion was concerned with weightier matters as he faced the media on Wednesday.

With the Formula One season concluding with a Middle East swing, Hamilton has decided to wear a rainbow-coloured helmet in an attempt to raise the issue of anti-LGBTQ+ laws in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

He was asked if he felt racing in a county with such notoriously anti-gay statutes.

"Do I feel comfortable here? I wouldn’t say I do,” he said. “But it’s not my choice to be here, the sport has taken the choice to be here."

Hamilton has vowed to continue using his voice as a weapon of change, adding, "“Whilst we are here it’s important we do try to raise awareness,” he said. “In the last race you saw the helmet that I wore.

"I will wear that again here and in the next race [in Abu Dhabi] because it is an issue.

"If anyone wants to take time to read what the law is for the LGBT+ community, it is pretty terrifying. There are changes that need to be made.”

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