Galway's "hunger and drive" has increased after All-Ireland Camogie win | Emma Helebert

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Galway defender Emma Helebert says the reigning Liberty Insurance All-Ireland Camogie champions are determined to retain their title this winter.

Cathal Murray's side bridged a six-year gap to lift the O'Duffy Cup for a third time last year but the Tribeswoman have never gone to win back-to-back crowns and Helebert says that provides motivation this term.

"Your hunger and drive is only increased," the Ballidereen half-back told OTB Sports at the launch of the Championship.

"You want to win another one. You get that bit greedy. You don’t want to settle for one. Our team is very mixed in age with young girls starting out, I played in my first All-Ireland last year, alongside girls who have played in maybe three or four but only just won their second one.

"You’re going to play in every game this season as if it’s an All-Ireland, starting with the Wexford game. It’s up to ourselves to bring that competitive edge to it and it feels like it’s only increased our drive.

"We’ve had a tough couple of years, management had changed nearly every year since I started, this is my fifth with Galway. Cathal and his management team, the belief they had in us was just unreal. We got to a stage that we wanted to do it for them as much as we wanted to do it for ourselves. We’ve such a tight-knit team. Some of these girls are our best friends, we see them more than we see some of our family sometimes.

"Winning the League final gave us one little boost and then coming into championship, getting that wave of success, was huge."

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