GAA u-turn means counties coul...


GAA u-turn means counties could be disqualified for training early

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It’s reported that the GAA could now sanction county teams who are found training before September 14th. 

Earlier this week, the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) asked that if sessions are happening that their members be insured. 

However, it’s now claimed the Injury Benefit Scheme will not be in place before September 14th. 

When that date was first announced, the GAA shied away from sanctions should the embargo be broken.

However, the Irish Independent claim a conference call of county officials took place on Friday morning where a change of tack was supported.

Teams found breaking the training embargo could now find themselves expelled from the championship. 

Earlier this week, Offaly GAA chairman Michael Duignan told Off The Ball that, "I think it is high time that people in the GAA grew up and grew a pair of balls, and called it for what it is: you are either training with your county or you're not."

The hurling legend added, "I'm disillusioned with the direction from inter-county managers, first of all, for putting pressure on their players to getting back training. Because players will do whatever they are asked to do."

The GPA partially responded with their statement on Wednesday, calling for an end to what they saw as "negative discourse" surrounding county players.

The players body asked for "common sense" to prevail, adding, "It would be highly negligent of us, and utterly wrong, as the body charged with looking after inter-county player welfare, not to seek to have any such training covered by the GAA Injury Benefit Scheme, should these sessions be sanctioned by their respective counties."

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