FA Cup delay games one minute...


FA Cup delay games one minute in support of Mental Health Initiative

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The FA Cup delay of one minute to all kick-off times this weekend is part of a collaboration of mental health initiatives featuring Prince William.

The Duke of Cambridge has voiced a 60-second film, aimed at encouraging football fans to look after their mental health. It also features Frank Lampard and other famous football faces.

The video will be played at the start of matches, leading to the one minute FA Cup delay.

The NHS's Every Mind Matters the Football Association's Heads Together's Heads Up campaigns have collaborated on the initiative.


Professor John Newton, who is director of health improvement at Public Health England says the campaign highlights the prevalence of mental health issues.

"People are much more aware now of the importance of mental health, but they are not sure what to do to manage their mental health better.

"The Everymind Matters website gives simple advice on how to manage your mental health better.

"It provides information on simple things like reframing thoughts, breathing exercises, taking more physical activities and reconnecting with people."

While Newton is happy that there is increased mental health awareness, he's hoping this campaign can connect with a very wide audience.

"The campaign is about using the power of football to reach very large numbers. There are 15 million football fans and we are using the campaign to remind them to take a minute to consider how they could manage their mental health better."

As part of the Every Mind Matters initiative, football fans can complete their Mind Plan – a quick and free tool that has already been completed over one million times.

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