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Dyche: Vaccinate Premier League players to ease burden on NHS

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Burnley manager Sean Dyche believes players should be vaccinated to alleviate pressure on the NHS. 

He wants to see the money spent on testing pumped back into the health service.

Premier League players and staff are currently being tested twice a week, with the latest two rounds of testing producing 40 positives.

This weekend's FA Cup 3rd round programme is set to be hit by a string of COVID-19 infections.

The FA say they're working in tandem with Aston Villa to ensure Friday night's tie with Liverpool goes ahead. Villa's training ground was closed on Thursday and several players are self-isolating.

An average of 1,500 tests are being conducted in each round, but Dyche feels the time and money involved would be better served elsewhere.

"It's my view, I think vaccination is the way forward throughout football," the Burnley boss said ahead of their game with MK Dons.

"The amount of money being spent on testing in the Premier League, if that was channelled back into the NHS and into the vaccination system, surely that's a better place to be than continually testing footballers.

"I appreciate some people will be surprised by that comment and people will say: 'Why should footballers get vaccinations?' But, if the testing diminishes, that money could be used for a much better cause.

"Football then also remains a competitive industry rather than what might end up as a skewed industry because of players missing from games. It's a common-sense view.

"Let me make it clear, there are people way in front of footballers [as a priority to be vaccinated]. I'm not remotely suggesting that should be put in front of the welfare of people who are very vulnerable.

"What I'm saying is: Is there a timeline where they can fast-track to that period? Logically, it would be better putting the funding that is put into testing into the system to encourage more vaccinations.

"That money could be used more wisely, I would suggest, to get it out there quicker to the vulnerable and beyond."

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