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'Most difficult opposition we'll ever face' | Ulster sports bodies say stay at home

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Ulster Rugby, Ulster GAA, and the IFA have issued a joint call for their members and supporters to stick to the ‘game plan’ and enjoy Easter at home this year.

The three main governing bodies for sport in Northern Ireland have come together to issue the statement to the public, including all local clubs across the three sporting bodies.

There is a worry that many people will use the Easter weekend to get out of the house and disregard the social distancing protocols. Health professionals have said these protocols are essential in stemming the rise in numbers of people suffering from the coronavirus.

The statement was signed by Patrick Nelson, the CEO of the Irish Football Association (IFA), Brian McAvoy, Provincial Secretary and CEO of Ulster GAA, and Jonny Petrie, who is the CEO of Ulster Rugby.

"It is now apparent the social distancing measures which have been put in place may be helping to slow the spread of coronavirus, which in turn is helping our health service to battle the virus and look after our neighbours, friends and members.

"However, it remains absolutely essential that each one of us continues to play our part and that means staying at home, staying indoors as much as possible and, if you have to leave the house for essential items, observing the strict social distancing measures.

“As sporting bodies, we are acutely aware that our members feel the impact of the restrictions which are in place. We know the weekend is usually packed with sport, be that playing, coaching, spectating or ferrying young children to and from matches and training.

"We know our members are missing their games, but the more we hold the line now, the sooner we will be back out there playing our beloved sports.

“This match - the people versus coronavirus - is the most difficult opposition we will ever face, and we have to win. So please continue to play your part. Enjoy Easter at home, stay indoors and look out for each other.”

Four deaths were reported in the North yesterday as a result of Covid-19, taking the number who have died in hospitals there to 82. The totla number of cases stoof at 1,477.

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