Damien Duff: I would have run...


Damien Duff: I would have run over my granny to make it as a footballer

Darren Cleary
Darren Cleary

09:56 17 Jan 2019

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Damien Duff has a warning for his new Celtic players - you must be prepared to do anything to make it.

The Ireland legend left his post at Shamrock Rovers to become the reserve coach at the Scottish giants.

Duff believes modern players are not working hard enough to realise their dreams and he wants to help change that:

“I am not claiming to know everything, I feel like I am learning the game all over again on the touchlines.

“It is a massive role and I am going to embrace it.

“I think across the board, not just Celtic, in England, Ireland, Scotland, lads just do enough.

“They think that will get you to be a footballer, but it is not, you have to do more than enough every day and empty the tank.

“It’s just that obsession I would have done anything when I was a kid, 16 being a footballer, I would have run over my granny, it’s just what it is being that mongrel.

“I will help them all I can.”

Duff didn’t take long to endear himself to the Hoops faithful as he spoke about why he moved lock, stock and barrel to Scotland.

The former Ireland winger says it was a no brainer to join a club as special as Celtic:

“‘Obviously, the club is massive and I think you know the Irish connection anyway, no one has to teach you that back home.

“It is in your blood from the day you are born, the next best thing when you finish is obviously coaching.

“The next best thing for me, I didn’t play for Celtic, but to come and coach here is top class.”

Damien Duff: "Celtic is the only club I would have left Ireland for"

Duff also wanted to move to Celtic as a player, but despite mooted interest after he departed Newcastle in 2009. The move never materialised.

Duff’s working relationship with Brendan Rodgers stretches as far back as his days at Chelsea. Rodgers worked there as a coach:

“He was brilliant with me there. We would talk about Celtic when were there.

“It is obviously my dream club and it was his dream club then, he was always a Celtic fan and we would have a bit of craic and banter back then, 15, 16 years ago.

“He is definitely an inspiration and influence, he is one of the best in the world.”


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